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Installation instructions Flotex flocked flooring

A high quality installation is of utmost importance for a trouble free and durable lifetime expectancy of the flooring material.
Substrate preparation
If necessary, the subfloor may be levelled e.g. with a cement based levelling compound. The subfloor should be smooth, rigid, clean and permanently dry.
> View here the recommended subfloor products.
Adhesive (tiles, sheet material)
Click on the bucket to see the recommended adhesives for Flotex.

Other compatible brands or types of adhesive may be considered as well; consult the relevant adhesive supplier for detailed information regarding suitability and correct techniques.
Layout and cutting
Both Flotex sheet and Flotex tiles should be allowed to acclimatize prior to installation. Flotex sheet does not require the edges to be trimmed for butt joining.
Always lay Flotex sheet with the arrows, on the rear, towards the main natural light source. All pieces of sheet material must be laid in the same direction. Consult detailed installation instructions for method of laying tiles.
Application of adhesive
Carefully follow the instructions provided by the supplier of the adhesive. Acrylic adhesives are normally only applied to the sub-floor. Ensure the manufacturer’s recommendations, regarding open time, are followed before entering the material into the adhesive. If a releasable adhesive is being used (tiles only) ensure that adhesive is dry before fitting the tiles. After laying the material press firmly to allow good contact using a flat spatula or careful use of a hand roller.

> Flotex installation instructions